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Reach your goals with email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of sending emails with the purpose of promoting certain products and services. It involves using different tools that may include outgoing mails, mail merges, spam filters, auto responders or landing pages. The most important thing in this type of action is the open rate which defines how successful are your efforts to capture leads’ attention.

Types of Email Marketing

Transactional Emails

These include emails with the purpose to let your subscribers know about important information, such as changes on your website, new products that you’ve just added and so on. *

Promotional Emails

These are more common type of emails, which can bring more success in obtaining leads for your business than transactional ones

| E-Mail Marketing | Digital Advertising Agency Singapore November 2021

Why should you use it?

The truth is that nowadays people receive tons of promotional messages every day so if you want to be noticed by your target audience you have to do something special like creating original content with engaging design and getting into your niche. However, even if you are a dedicated content marketing guru it might take you weeks or months to get high click rates and grow your list. That is why using auto responders is a really good idea.

| E-Mail Marketing | Digital Advertising Agency Singapore November 2021

Benefits of using Email Marketing

They provide a way to control when your subscribers will receive information about your product or service. There is no need to wait until they come in visit your site, place an order or just ask questions. Moreover, this type of email marketing can be used for any purpose. There is no need to create a new email campaign every time you want to promote your goods or services.

| E-Mail Marketing | Digital Advertising Agency Singapore November 2021

How to Boost your Email Marketing Campaigns

The best way to do this is to use auto responders. There are several email marketing services and features for setting up automated emails and campaigns. The majority of them have pre-made templates for different types of messages like welcome, free trial period, purchase history, etc. You can choose auto responders to send different types of emails that will not require any editing or writing from you. Of course, some services allow you to create your own templates and design your messages as much as possible.

| E-Mail Marketing | Digital Advertising Agency Singapore November 2021

How to know which SEO Agency you should work with

We have a team of Certified CRM and Email marketing experts in Singapore and most effective resources that will help you create an amazing campaign. We are always working on increasing our services and improving their effectiveness. We write, Design and send mails on behalf of your Business. It’s an all-in-one service for Email marketing in Singapore.

Apart from the campaigns that we send to your customers time to time, we have designed different Flows and scenarios for different customers with authentic and proven insights that Includes:

Welcome Series

Abandoned Cart

Browse Abandonment

Customer Thank you

Repeat Purchase

Customer Win back

Sunset Series

Each of these flows serves their own purpose and the results are guaranteed with respect to open rate and ROI. We will dazzle you.