SEO services | SEO | Digital Advertising Agency Singapore March 2023

What is SEO and why it's important

SEO is the process of influencing the online visibility of a website or a web page in search engines. While all businesses have to struggle for recognition and potential customers, SEO is one way that your business can quickly become recognizable in the marketplace. The most used search engine worldwide is Google, making it essential for any business to invest its time into learning the best practices of SEO.

A good example of why you need SEO would be, let’s say, you operate a pizza restaurant and business is pretty steady. You make enough money to pay everyone’s salary at your company and then some. One day, someone who lives nearby finds your store while looking up restaurants on their phone through Google Maps. Your reputation/ranking isn’t very high when they search your name with their GPS enabled mobile device, so they call ahead for delivery. Doing this will only hurt you in the long run by losing potential customers and sacrificing the generation of new leads when even more people look up your business online.

So how do I start?  You can begin by doing research on what kinds of keywords related to food and pizza are being searched frequently.  Also, you should gather information from your customers about how they found your store. This could be as simple as asking a customer where he or she heard about you from while he was waiting at the counter to pick up his order. If that doesn’t work, then you may have to dig deeper into Google Analytics.

Types of SEO

There are different ways you can rank higher on search engines, here are the some of the most commonly used types and methods of SEO.

SEO services | SEO | Digital Advertising Agency Singapore March 2023

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO includes activities that occur outside of your website, but still relate to it. Some examples include link building (getting links from other websites) and blog commenting (commenting on related blogs to get backlinks).

SEO services | SEO | Digital Advertising Agency Singapore March 2023

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is the optimization of content on your site for search engines. This includes Optimizing titles and meta descriptions in HTML , writing unique content, creating internal links to related pages, and using a variety of relevant keywords in the text of your webpages.

SEO services | SEO | Digital Advertising Agency Singapore March 2023

Technical SEO

It involves the implementation of coding and other best practices to ensure that your website is properly indexed by search engines. This includes making sure all pages are crawlable (i.e. spiders can access them) and that your site loads quickly for users.

Technical SEO is like the backbone of a website. It ensures that your site loads as quickly and smoothly for visitors as possible, improves page load time for search engines to rank you higher in SERPS (search engine result pages), and reduces friction points on each individual visit with fewer bugs or errors during loading times, all leading up to an improved customer experience.

SEO services | SEO | Digital Advertising Agency Singapore March 2023

How to know which SEO Agency you should work with

What are your goals for the SEO campaign you’re planning to launch? Is it to boost awareness for your brand, or drive traffic to your site? Perhaps you simply want more leads so you don’t need to resort to costly advertising options. Whatever your goals are, be specific about them and write out a detailed plan of what you want the campaign to achieve for your business. 

This will help the SEO agency understand where they can help you most. How much budget do you have available for this project, and how long is it going to last? A number of agencies charge their clients on a monthly basis, so make sure that the amount of money coming in each month covers the bill before hiring an agency – being aware of costs early on helps prevent any surprises further down the road.

And finally, how do you want your business to be represented online? Do you like the agency’s own brand identity and design style, or would it prefer a more understated approach? There really is no correct answer here – just choose an option that reflects what you think will best suit your business.

Leaving all these points aside, SEOs are the future of marketing. You should invest in SEO to get ahead and stay competitive with your competitors! To be successful, you need to know what type of SEO investments you’re looking for and who will help make that happen.

How We Work


Our work start by analyzing your website to see if there are any serious problems with your site like loading time and if a website is ranking in search engines for the keywords they want to rank for, what’s helping them to rank. We can then optimize it so that the business gets better rankings and higher traffic.

Keyword Search

After the analysis, our team search for keyword that are being searched by the surfers and are also used by your competitors.

Content Creation

This is the most important part of all, We create an SEO-friendly titles when writing your content and optimize it for search engine bots by adding keywords to the page, tags, titles and ALT text

Back linking

When the Content is created, we Include links back to your sites within the body of your content where appropriate – this is called “link building” which improves trust signals for both users and search engine crawlers who then find you more easily. Hence, increased traffic and higher ranking.