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Web Development

Web development is the process of designing and building websites. Web developers are responsible for all aspects of the development cycle, including analyzing user needs and giving advice, designing web pages and software, writing code, testing applications and deploying websites. When looking to hire a web developer it’s important to choose one that is comfortable with content management systems of your choice.

If your website looks bad or has a confusing user interface then there is more chance of losing followers and thus even organic traffic. A good web development team can help in these cases!

Types of web development

Front-End Development

The front-end development is the portion of web development that allows users to see, hear and interact with your website. This includes the graphical/visual design work.

Web Designing

It’s a process of adding aesthetic value to your website along with function. A well designed site not only looks good but also helps in better user experience by increasing usability and accessibility of information through proper planning, lay outing and navigation. Thus, it becomes easy for the visitor to find required stuff on the site rather than getting confused or discouraged at seeing messy content. Good web designers know how to  create such a website UI.

Web Development

It’s the process of making your site work with different browsers and devices. A web developer is responsible for the back-end structure of a site, which includes language scripts, programming and formatting code to create an interface that works across all platforms

Web Architects/Front end developers

It’s combination of both web designing and development. Generally speaking they are front end developers but might also have additional design skills in terms of UX (user experience). So they can work on UX related issues as well as HTML, CSS etc. Web Architect will help you to make your website look better than what you had thought initially from the wire frames prepared by the designer. Though this is not fixed and it totally  depends on the project requirements.

Web Development Services | Web Development | Digital Advertising Agency Singapore March 2023

Steps in Web Development process

  1. It starts with client’s requirements.
  2. Wire framing by Web Designer or Web Architect depending on your requirements and budget.
  3. Developing code for the website based on wire frame created with necessary changes if any required as per functionality
  4. Designing of Graphics to be used in Website by Graphic Artists /Web designers with reference of Wire Frame.
  5. Testing for cross browser compatibility, display issues, this will be again part of development process where software tool’s help to find those defects based on the client’s requirement.
  6. Defects resolution is another part of development process, if defect found after testing then request for changes comes from Client.
  7. After completion of Defect correction, Code review will be done where application is reviewed for proper functioning of modules, features and other aspects of the project.
  8. Development team makes necessary changes as per client’s requirement and code review.
  9. Testing phase starts after completion of development process, testing will be conducted from all angles like Front end, Back end functions and usability issues with latest build (Latest version).
  10. Finally, when the testing is done, your website is ready to go live.

Web Development benefits

Today, with the advent of web technologies and applications available on Internet, it is impossible to image life without them. It has changed the way we communicate, learn and work. These are some important benefits of Web Development. 

By developing an enterprise mobile application for your business or creating a website for your customers as well as supporting yourself with a timely intervention at all stages you will enjoy great benefits which directly translate into increased productivity, profitability and growth inefficiency.

Services and Features We Provide

In the age of overload and information, many people prefer websites that are easy to use. This is a general perception among most users who have been on the internet for long enough to know what they want out of it. Here are some features we provide in web development

Fully Responsive website for Tabs, Mobiles, Laptops and Desktop computers

SEO Optimized

Clean Coding

Web Designing 


Fast Loading Time without any delay

Web Development Services | Web Development | Digital Advertising Agency Singapore March 2023